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History of the Jewlluminati Conspiracy
How They Wielded The Illuminati to Rule Over The Earth

Told By: The Supreme Royal Commissioner AllA Erawa Viacad

1 Dollar Bill with Pyramid of Eyes, one dollar bill with Pyramid of Eyes and Jew Star with agent/avatar point over stars above eagle, all seeing eye, eye in the pyramid, seal of solomon, star of david

I believe the Jewlluminati are the spiritual elite so don’t call me an anti-Semite. The last thing I want is for them to be punished for their innumerable “crimes”. Virtually every time I post a thread about this it is removed. This only lends support to my claim that the Jewlluminati control the world and the minds within it.

-AllA Erawa Viacad, Said Long Ago To Give The Jews One Last Chance To Surrender, A Get Out Of Jail Free Card To Save The World And Dampen Their Torture Sentences Proving Our Lenience In The Anneals Of History So That Terrorists Would Surrender Sooner And Save The People From Their Tyranny. Nieve As I Was I Would Have Been Lenient Now I Want The Pit Of Flames For Them And Their Cohorts, The Prespiterians, The Methodist, And The Screechs Of The Episcopalians. Now Instead They Have Chosen To Hold Off Fighting To The End Using The Silliness Of How Evil And Pathetic They Are As Their Only Mask To The Ignorant. But No Longer Shall They Have Any Exemption Whatsoever And No Longer Do NonJews Wear Yamakas Tricked Into Identifying Themselves Along Side Alqaeda To Conceal The Squirrel Torturers, The Statutory Rape Enforcers, The Thought Police, The Minotaurs Of Every Contract Whether Signed At Gunpoint, After Lies, Or Never At All, The Betrayer. Seen Once Long Ago By The Masses As Always Innocent Irregardless Throwing Away Every Life That Even Mentioned Even A Fact That Was Even Inconvenient To Them, Their World Domination Through Propaganda Bibles And Lies Said At Even Virtually Every Internet Outlet, Now The Prophesied Time Of Reckoning Has Come Since They Can't Stop Pirate Bay's Zeppelin Servers Hosting This Web Ring, And All They Can Do Is Cower Behind Their Trumped Up Image,,, IF THEY ARE SO BENEVOLENT WHY ARE THEY SO MEAN TO EVERYBODY AROUND,, Answer;

"They Aren't Mean They Are Just Plain Evil!"

-AllA Viacad 18/2/2015 End Of The Lenience Declaration And Beginning Of Open AntiSemnitism!

Jewlluminati History

The Story Of The World

A long time ago there was a tribe of approximately 1000 hunter gatherers called Israel that lived somewhere in central Europe. This tribe was the most highly evolved tribe of humans on the planet. So the Primary Actuator chose it to eventually rule the world and became incarnated as it痴 chief. The Primary Actuator is also incarnated as every critical character in Jewish history, although he spent most of my time as the best soul-line of conquerors in world history, like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Kahn, Dwight D. Eisenhower, etc. This chief probably tripped out on Shrooms and communed with the angels. He taught them that everything existed, something in that everything had to be infinite universes existing within universes because that thing encompasses so many infinite universes, it had to dwarf everything else in the quantity of realities.

It was this first chief that taught the tribe how to become the most genetically fit people in the world by applying selective breeding techniques at first denying half of their population the right to produce children even though they could still adopt some the more fit peoples children. Later on as their genetics became stronger more and more of them were allowed to reproduce. But till this day some unfit candidates are still forced to adopt other people痴 children. He also teaches them astronomy so they can know whenever and wherever The Primary Actuator returns. This chief married his soul mate who gave birth to at least 1 daughter. The best daughter always marries the most fit male of the tribe who becomes the tribe's leader, and is allowed to have many babies. The best daughter is the new Holy Grail until she herself has a daughter who becomes the next Holy Grail Persephone Goldstein is the latest Holy Grail whose bloodline traces through many great leaders even Jesus Christ himself. This selective breeding technique applied to semiedible plants produced the first edible crops. Basically it involves tasting random plants and breeding the "best" plants of these species among themselves. The Jewlluminati eventually began to select the most fit males and females to incorporate in their tribe through marriage.

The tribe of Israel subsiding somewhere in central Europe developed bronze working which gave them at first river stone sharpened bronze swords. Using Leather strings the tribe sewed small hexagonal bronze plates on their padded leather armor giving them light bronze armor whose surface was mostly hexagonal bronze plates. Bronze helmets protected their heads as well. With husbandry and primitive saddles the tribe constituted an elite armored cavalry. After conquering nearby tribes they decided to move south in search of warmer weather. If you have lived through a winter huddled around a fire with only leather clothes in rain and snow you would understand as well. They then called themselves Hebrews or the people of the Sun. They slaughtered all in their path if any of the locals stood in their way. As they rode they spread the true seeds of civilization the seeds of agriculture and sometimes their other secrets. They got stuck in Italy for a while and moved north around the Mediterranean Eastwards. They chose the most beautiful fair skinned women usually the most well adorned to enter into their tribe. Sometimes the Jewlluminati were allowed to pass sometimes they had to slaughter their way through especially after they passed beyond European whites. The dead provided suitable meat so that the tribe of Israel did not have to thin their heard animals. It was too difficult to assess the intelligence of the girls or women the leading men choose to rape due to the fact that they did not speak Hebrew however the most well adorned of them would most likely be from the leading bloodline and thus one of the most intelligent. Men would virtually never be allowed into the tribe as they would be more likely to take up bronze arms against the Jews. The women who were be allowed into the tribe would not be mistreated or thought of as a slave but would be taught Hebrew and accepted into the tribe in a friendly manner.

The Hebrews made their way around the Mediterranean then south around the eastern coast of Africa traveling south. About 1/4 of the Hebrews traveled East and ended up in Japan where they stayed and interbred with the local Japanese people which besides other whities were the chosen people to the Jews and the Hebrews or people of the sun became simply Jews. The Japanese had become well developed due to their understanding of how otherwise inanimate objects, specifically rocks could hold wisdom and talk to humans and had a more advanced society than the other Asians.

Although at that point the 3/4 African conquering Hebrews were not looking for warmer weather, rather for people that were more rational and less dark skinned so they could find the chosen people the haughty and arrogant Hebrews liked. They traveled all the way down to the tip of Africa and around the coast. They were wary that the niggers had figured out how their shit works so there was a sense of foreboding as they approached where Egypt formed. The Egyptians had already developed bronze weapons systems and had breed rapidly from the seeds that were lost in the Hebrew痴 travel. The Egyptian people immediately recognized the Whities that had previously committed the holocaust of all in their path and quickly took up arms against the Jews as they sent mounted scouts to report to their pharaoh(they got some religion from the Jews too) who deployed his entire army against them. The Jews won and their prize was the weapons held upon oxen and more importantly the darks who they could easily recognize as their slaves as they decided to conquer their way to their desired homeland, Israel, which although was far from what they considered the chosen people who they would be willing to breed with was better then not having to conquer furtherly Eastward past the Tigris and Euphrates which was now controlled by the Babylonian Empire which was now thanks to the earlier conquest a bronze age civilization in possibly another futile search through areas where the conquest of darkies would ensue again. The Hebrews brought their new slaves to the land of Israel which is right where Israel is now.

The Egyptians enhanced the symbolism of the Jewlluminati but they hid some of the precious scripture and vampirism from the masses which the Jewlluminati also later censored through every means possible from the Jew Kings to the Catholic Church to the NSA. "Let the profane not hear our glorious, arcane, and illuminating secrets!" The Ethiopians wrote everything down and distributed it to everybody. That is why they got a more advanced theology for their peasant population than the Jews which they used to conquer the Jews and enslave them and bring them all along the Nile. Black people always brag about how they built the pyramids. The jew slaves built the pyramids the Blacks just cracked the whip until: we created a revolution among the slaves as the Egyptians let our numbers grow so the Jews could build the Pyramids and Temple Complexes to house the Egyptian Vampire Elite where all the fresh corpses were sent by families hoping for their better afterlife as mummies. Well we showed up the niggers and used their chariots to slaughter them on our way up the Nile until: they faced us upon Cairo where they make their stand to whittle down our numbers and renslave us. The Pharaohs forces blocked our North Eastern Path to the middle East. Well guess what Moses had already planned for that occurrence and told all the Jew leaders along the Nile that our secondary battle force be moved to Alexandria where they would capture ships and establish a Jewish fleet which would rendezvous with the remainder of the Israelites from Israel. With the supplement of the disembarked naval forces the Jews marched south to Eilat at the tip of the peninsula of water which lead into the Red Sea. After capturing naval vessels all along that peninsula of water the Jews grouped their fleet and sailed south south west and sailed along the Eastern coast of Africa until they contacted Jewish scouts(the only white people on chariots and horses). They sent scouts to rendezvous with Moses's army which was harassing the enemy all along that coast. Often combat groups would have to drive their chariots around in circles in the desert in hopes that the winds would cover their tracks then assault to the East to find supplies(there were some rivers and streams along there). The Israelites gathered as many as they could find and wait for and launched their fleet right back up the peninsula of water which lead to Eilat and returned home to Israel. Thus Moses parted the Red Sea which was truly a miracle considering the ferocity of the separate but still aggressive and defensive Egyptian and Arabian(respective) Armies and Fleets.

Racial IQ Bell Curve

Hmm I don't know where this picture came from but it looks official, I think I will post it here until I find further evidence. Although even if it is accurate it does not mean that different colors of skin or races do not have a variety of different positive attributes regardless of certain "tride and true" tests. Oh wait it is on Wikipedia, look at the pretty graph pictures to figure out where this bell curve is on Wikipedia. The Wikipedia article even talked about my exact kind the AshkeNAZI Jews saying that we Ashke have even more IQ points than Asians on average. Regardless of what one may think race would not be a huge factor if we had no ghettos and schooling which catered to learning which stressed creative learning rather than excessively rational dry teaching textbook which due to memorization of lists is seen as boring to those of darker skin. But white people and Asians are a bit better of with the dry way of teaching due to our obsession with abstract learning materials rather than colorful examples. The darker your skin the more you think outside the box however thinking inside the box will be diminished by the same token. The new mantra should be "Separate and Specialized".

The tribe conquered and enslaved a lot of people exterminating some. But always maintaining the pristine genetics of their inner tribe by never letting anybody in even though they raped a lot of women and spread their genes to many of the Arabs. But the inner tribe was maintained around 1000 in number so that they could remain aristocratic.

The great secret is always told to the inner tribe, while lesser secrets are told to the outer tribe, this is the origin of Judaism, the original religion of the slaves. But as they grew they needed some of the outer tribe to know the secret so that they could understand that the evils that were committed were good. This is when the inner tribe Zion created the Priory of Zion, the external rulers of the outer tribe. There would be an inner king of Zion determined by marriage to the Holy Grail, who commands the king of the outer tribe determined by firstborn patrilineage.

A whole bunch of history happens. They get conquered a bunch, raped a bunch, killed a bunch of bastard babies born from Zion after the rapes, returned a bunch, learned how to adapt to other societies, and absorbed stories and religious stuff into the bible like Noah's Arc from Babylon.

Mithraism was established in Rome in 100s BC. It provided little influence early on, not even close to preventing the invasion of Israel by Rome in 61 BC but later on had significant influence before Rome was finally conquered.

Jesus is born to the outer tribe. He spends most of his life as a prophet teaching about universal brotherhood, marries Mary Magdalene who is in Zion. He also trips out on mushrooms and secretly tells Mary the great secret, who eventually tells the apostles after Jesus’ crucifixion, which he staged in order to create an even more slave like religion to be preached to people in and outside the outer tribe. Christ was crucified at the cross for three days after which he was cut down by his followers and suffered from nothing more than thirst, hunger, and a small guttural spear wound. Then he "appeared" to be resurrected. Jesus and Mary Magdalene left Jerusalem for Rome where they began plotting with Julius Caesar and the Mithraics there about the future of banking. Part of Mary Magdalene’s gospel can be found on the Internet but all you really see regarding the core of the message is the shock of “Andrew [when he] answered and said to the brethren, Say what you wish to say about what she has said. I at least do not believe that the Savior said this. For certainly these teachings are strange ideas.” Self-Sacrifice is still a great dogma till this day and helps keep the masses in line. Satanism remains for the elite.

As people read in The Da Vinci Code the First Council of Nicea was held on 325 took the core of Christianity and infused it with fantastical stories about miracles. For more information see pertinent Wikipedia article. Because of the influence on the council by the Mithraics, usury was restricted from clergy, a stepping-stone to further restriction on non-Jewish people. Jesus could have created miracles but The Primary Prophetic Actuator(different from the Primary Actuator who was at the time Julius Caesar) doesn't cheat while he is doing his thing aside from a little divine influence so my tribe doesn't get killed, or he doesn't die before he achieves his goals in effecting the sands of time.

Rome fell and the Catholic Church dominated Europe. Someone in Zion struck a deal with the Catholic Church, the Jews would fund the church in exchange for a monopoly on usury.

Many Jews moved to Europe to start merchant banks in the 400s.

See the following: Merchant Banks, Money Changers, and Usury Search the latter for “Usury in Christianity”

The Priory of Zion quickly grew to around 10,000 to accommodate the managerial requirements of the Jew’s flourishing enterprises and estates. Many new orders aside from the Mithraics formed which had pyramidal structures where the top knew the secrets and the bottom knew only what they needed to know. It is so secretive that even somebody in an offshoot organization who is illuminated will probably not know anybody in Zion. The Knights Templar are the quintessential example of this age. Joining these organizations mean swearing to stringent blood oaths for their entire bloodline requiring secrecy and obedience on pain of torture death or whatever.

In 1095 Zion convinced the pope to launch the first crusade, with the pretence for the peasants being: put christians in control of the holy land, Jerusalem, and the pretence for the templars: to capture as many white Jewish people as possible from the region around Jerusalem and unite them with mates in Europe to reinvigorate the holy bloodline with the almost pure whites from the holy land. Recovering the sacred documents under Herod’s temple was an afterthought. The other crusades were launched primarily as population control.

The Templars were gaining size and power in Europe as Zion was attempting to seize power by offering bribes to local lordships to overthrow their kings. The Catholic Church caught on to this immature decision by the leader of Zion, forced the Jewlluminati to cease their actions and eliminate the Templars, their strongest arm. Zion released the names and addresses of all Knights Templar. This armistice prevented the Jews from using what leaders they had successfully contracted from rising up against the rest of Europe causing a disastrous civil war amongst Christians, while it enabled the survival of the Jews for the perpetuation of funds for the Catholic Church. On Friday October 13, 1307 sealed orders were to be opened by leaders across Europe designating the names and addresses of those to be hunted.

The inquisition accused the Templars of idolatry specifically the worship of Baphomet. Baphomet despite commonly held belief by conspiracy theorists is not The Devil. To elucidate this subject I shall elucidate the intense symbolism involved in the most common depiction of this deity which was drawn by Eliphas Levi.

Baphomet, Idol of the Templars, Pillars of Solomon, solve coagulate, Templars, Free Masons, Illuminati, Jewlluminati

Baphomet is defined by an array of opposing symbols. Its right arm points towards the white crescent in front of a black background which represents the black and female pillar of Solomon and the right side of the kabala which is defined by understanding, severity, and particle nature of matter which taken to the extreme leads to separation which correlates to dissolve which is what solve means according to wikipedia: Baphomet Its left arm points towards the black crescent in front of a white background which represents the white and male pillar of Solomon and the right side of the kabala which is defined by wisdom, mercy, and wave nature of matter which taken to the extreme leads to everything congealing into 1 body. For more information on the kabala visit my relevant webpage: Kabala. 鉄olve et coagula means 電issolve and congeal in Latin. Although in this context it has another meaning as well. The upward pointing hand represents the Sephira Hod which symbolizes the definitive aspect of a symbol. The downward pointing hand represents the Sephira Netzach which symbolizes the analogue aspect of a symbol. Abstracting definitive meanings to symbols is upwards because it defines us over other animals. That crescent is white because when we do it properly we define things perfectly. The black that surrounds the crescent represents how our symbols fail when we don稚 have a word or the ability to describe something. The downward pointing hand represents the more basil art of describing things without symbols which have definite meanings. The white that surrounds that crescent represents how although symbols fail when we don稚 have a word or the ability to describe something analogue descriptions can succeed. That crescent is black because the analogue descriptions are imperfect relative to the definitive symbols for the things that can be defined perfectly with definitive symbols.

The flame and torch above Baphomet痴 head represents the fire of Prometheus or the Luciferian light. Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and gave it to humans symbolizing the divine intervention in our technological development. Lucifer is part of the imaginary trinity along with Devil and Satan. Devil represents the negative forces at play which bring us down towards chaos, despair, and regression towards or more primitive nature. The sphere at the bottom of the picture represents the natural tendency of nature to coalesce into its most primitive geometry thus represents Devil. The block that Baphomet is seated upon represents that he is founded upon the order created by humankind. The goat head symbolizes Satan which is an animal to symbolize the animal constitution of our brain but has the pentagram on the forehead to symbolize that we define our destiny by guiding the elements in defining our own destiny. We are thus constantly pulled by Lucifer and Devil and we find balance. Wherever that is, is Satan. Lucifer advances us towards the light of innovation. Devil digresses us towards the darkness of stagnation. To analogize this with The Matrix Lucifer is a red pill, the Devil is a blue pill, and all the pills we take is Satan. Everything is a sin and nothing is a sin. Sinfulness is determined entirely by the screams, the cheers, the boos, the words, and song of the Hive according to the relative popularity of each individual in the Hive relating to their specialty. Another words an angel that is an expert in something will have much more influence in determining your Karma in that respect than a nonspecialist who will have at least a 0 say along with the rest of the Hive.

The 2 horns coming from Baphomet's head represent the paths from Tiphereth(where the seat of our spirit resides) to Chokmah and Binah. Wisdom and Understanding conducts from these horns into our spirits so that we may define our lives accordingly. The cloven feet represent the beastly nature in our sexual exploits. The woman痴 breasts represent the fertility of not only humans but of the cosmos and the universe itself. The wings represent the capacity of our spirits to move freely throughout the astral planes(while we are not trapped in animal bodies that is where we have only partial mobility). The sphere coming out of Baphomet's lap represents the Earth and the ring around it the atmosphere. It is positioned to emphasize the reproductive nature of humans to procreate not only inside the cradle upon the crust of this planet but outside the bounds of this planets gravitational field through nanotech space colonization. That is why the atmosphere is emphasized and scales metaphorically relate the Earth to the Ocean which is our evolutionary origin. Last but not least the 2 snakes entwined up the rod represent the eternal struggle of good(the white snake) vs. evil(the black snake) which will at the end of time will meet at the middle, the sphere at the top of The Rod of Caduceus which as previously stated represens the EinZPALN. In essence this represents the fusion of good and evil at the end of time and eternal peace in the universe. The Matrix Revolutions showed this same entwining pattern between Neo and Smith in the final battle and more importantly showed the fusion of good and evil at the very end of the movie when Neo let himself become taken over by Mr. Smith. This is the key to achieving nirvana as without being absorbed by the universe and in an extremely small way absorbing the universe. There is no other path for no body, ghost, or spirit may enter into the house of EinZPALN only souls.

Many Templars escaped and returned to the service of the Priory of Zion often under different organizations most notable of which is the Freemasons.

In the 1600s the Catholic Church lifted the ban on usury by non-Jews although it still persisted in many European nations even until the revolutions to instate republics. Surfs and peasants barely had enough money to make it through the year and rarely invested it into stock in corporations due to risk. Aristocrats usually avoided business because they had comfortable lives already and had no need for more money, especially when that money would require them to manage more complicated matters than estates, and lands, but often received capital by financing Jewish run banks like the Medici family has done. There were some merchants were wealthy enough to start their own banks or invest in corporations. These people often became initiated into a Jewlluminati order. In exchange for financial security from bankruptcy the Jewlluminati hierarchy would expect their support and possibly their investment in another corporation that would require funding. Its like an all encompassing insurance policy that you have to be secret about on pain of death or torture. Usually corporation痴 stock prices were inflated by Jewlluminati funds. If that corporation betrays the Jewlluminati they pull all the stock causing panic that usually bankrupts the corporation. Today that is still true for both individual corporations and the market as a whole.

When the economy becomes too inflated the Jewlluminati pull all their money out of the market bursting the bubble and place futures on the market. The common people take most of the losses as panic ensues and the Jewlluminati make a huge profit over the bull market. They wait a while for the strength behind the market to mature to a certain level then gradually reinvest the money during the bear market to create the illusion of market strength to entice the peoples into investing into the newly created bull market so that inflation of the market ensues. Then they synchronously pull their money out continuing the cycle anew. Nowadays the changes in the interest rates are implemented to maximize the profits of these cycles.

Freemasons played a huge role in the foundation of the United States of America, which was largely funded by Jewlluminati. Now the control of printing presses was absolutely essential for the Jewlluminati to seize control over government and with it military, law, education, and money production. The Jewlluminati printing presses(and later other forms of electronic media) promote politics not as a multidimensional field of issues but rather a 1 dimensional spectrum which almost precisely halves the population into 2 parties with an impotent independent party. Ideally both parties support issues that are important to the Jewlluminati, while issues that are sort of only important to the people are divided between the parties. The representatives do not have to be Jewlluminati for the system to work as long as the party leaders are illuminated. Thus it appears as if common people rule. If a representative betrays the party too much the party betrays him and he loses his seat in the next term. While the people live contently believing that they are part of a democracy they are truly part of a corporate republic controlled by the source of the corporate stock.

Laws appoint regulators who define the implementation of that law. In the case of education certain elements of history are omitted, some are focused on, while others are just plain lied about. For example never in my education was the full truth about the ban on usury and the Jewish banking monopoly described but over and over I was rammed with information about the holocaust, even though probably less than 6 million Jews died along side around 6 million other 砥ndesirables, 25 million killed by Stalin, and 66 others million killed in World War 2 among countless other massacres in history like the recent ones in Yugoslavia and Africa. The triumph of 鄭merican democracy is obsessed over. And the lie that 911 was caused by Osama Bin Laden is told. But the biggest lies are that of long term inflation by anything other than money produced from nowhere from anything other than government printing presses.

With the fractional reserve rate at 10% as it is in the US a bank痴 $10,000 deposit in the Federal Reserve 釘ank will enable a summoning from nowhere of $90,000 to be loaned out enabled simply by the contractual promise of the loan and the adequate investment in the Federal Reserve. That money becomes essentially printed out of nowhere as the loan eventually becomes reinvested in the economy. Part of that money will probably become redeposited in more banks and possibly will become invested in the Federal Reserve where it can create the summoning of more money in what will almost certainly be a new bank.

Short-term inflation and deflation can be explained by supply and demand however if the money trickles up(goes to the rich people) continuously due to price increase(s) everyone will not be able to stay away from bankruptcy thus the previous means of inflation follows. If money trickles down quickly there will be little bit of inflation but for long term inflation in this manner to be sustained money would have to be transferred both ways at a higher and higher rate if inflation were to increase and increase over time, which is unrealistic cosidering that the economy has a constant amount of money in it considering that the amount of money would remain constant if money was not being printed by counterfeiters. Counterfeiters cannot account for trillions of dollars of increase in years. If inflation/money supply increase by fractional reserve banking were not caused by printing money from nowhere then where would that money come from if we had a gold based economy if it were not coming from a goldmine. To make this even more obvious consider the incredible amount of inflation that has occurred recently when the dollar has become valued oversees and there has been a population increase in America. Counterfeiters eventually get caught if they ever try to go to the big time, and if the governments were getting the money why are they still in debt. The Illuminati bankers are the one’s printing the money, and the newspapers, which don’t report it!

Below are the pieces of a short video on how our money is created and how we, I mean you all are enslaved by the money system.

Money As Debt (1 of 5)

Money As Debt (2 of 5)

Money As Debt (3 of 5)

Money As Debt (4 of 5)

Money As Debt (5 of 5)

1 Dollar Bill, one dollar bill, dollar bill

This success is exported all throughout Europe in the 19th century, changing the face of politics forever. Meanwhile Europe is conquering the rest of the world, enabling the exportation of corporate republics to most of the world. But central banking is a monster that the Jewlluminati keep on a short leash that dates back even further for more on the history on that see: The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained Control of America and The Money

Now that we greedy Jews have enough money to sustain the economy and prevent Rebel Alliance insider trading racketeers from shocking the market to the extreme which could cause both extreme corporate turbulence(causing insane job instability) and horrible depressions the governments of the World should coin money(print from nowhere) to pay off their debts and/or reduce taxes and moderate the federal reserve rates accordingly to keep the currency stable according to a variety of commodity price point indexes ie no inflation or deflation even as the population increases.

In the 1800s poisoning of the water supply ensued which culminated in mass executions though the mental health system and certain mass execution holocaust sites where people were led to believe that there wasn't poison somewhere else where they could travel to on a boat that never came instead a battle ship came and fired upon the crowd to death. Ever since there has been poison. Statutory rape laws were also implemented worldwide spearheading free love with corrupt and false christian morals. Before that statutory rape laws never existed. But history was rewritten by those that controlled power in the world the Jewlluminati.

Zion's secret protocols were released by an elder who rebelled from Zion around 1897. See: Protocols of the Elders of Zion

If a country gets out of line they activate the sleeper cells of the CIA that usually topples the nubile government. If that doesn't work they apply economic sanctions are applied after telling the people that that country is part of an axis of evil or some such thing. Venezuela now is an exception; the CIA actions failed and they have no evil qualities so the Jewlluminati can稚 really do anything about it, yet.

Action Reaction Solution. Communism and Fascism is another spectral dichotomy forced upon people, with corporate republicism in the middle. The Jewlluminati take the best aspects of both and apply it to the middle, creating open borders for multinational corporations so that they never pay taxes, putting the burden of taxation on the common people while at the same time offering them a small stipend to be taken from their salary and give it to them when they are old, whoopty fucking do we don’t starve to death when we are old.

How does a man like Hitler revitalize a worthless economy with money not worth the paper it is printed on into a first rate nation in less than a decade. He got mad loans. But the Jews wouldn't cause the death of other Jews? Your not realizing that nobody in Zion or the Priory died in the holocaust, and all their gold and precious stuff was returned at the end. Usually only circumcised Jew Vampires died and the Jewlluminati and Illuminati are rarely ever circumcised. NEVER CIRCUMCISE YOUR CHILD YOU WILL BE AMPUTATING THE TIP OF THIER WIT BIOLOGICALLY AND IT IS JUST LIKE FEMALE CLIT MUTALATION IN AFRICA. The only reason why Jews used to do it is because Jews wanted to separate leaders from the dull witted peasants, and the only biological reason is because your dick could get infected if you are walking across a desert with not enough water to clean the tip of your dick and it gets infected but just a lick to the fingers and a rub will do the job. ANOTHERWORDS CIRCUMCISION MAKES YOU OR YOUR CHILD PART OF AN INFERIOR RACE OF MEN at least according to the Jewlluminati who knew what was going on when they decided to forever mutilate their outer tribe. The Jewlluminati cornered the entire European residential/industrial/commercial market. Now anybody that is a Jewlluminati conspiracy theorist is equated with Hitler, even people who are investigating the holocaust. Also the war enabled the communist revolution that was originally under the control of the Jewlluminati. When the Soviet Union got the H-bomb they planted it in critical regions of the Free World and subsequently rebelled, joining the Rebel Alliance.

Holocaust investigators are labeled holocaust deniers, and haters watch this: oh wait they already took it off, oh well. Basically it is a Daily Show clip showing Jon Stewart labeling everybody at the Holocaust Deniers convention haters, even neonazis.

Watch this if you want the scoop on Holocaust Revisionism: The Auschwitz 'History'---a case for holocaust denial

Definitely watch as David Icke is branded as an anti-Semite because he is too close to the truth: time 14:30, 17:45 and the rest of it: David Icke being suppressed Speaking of David Icke, there is a reason people always walk up to him telling tales of leaders as reptilian Aliens, it is to discredit him so he is not taken seriously by virtually everyone.

Oh wait I've been branded as a Holocaust Denier by alex constantine痴 blacklist for just saying the 4 paragraphs above this lol. The retard even said 甜I claim that] after Hitler, that Jewish people control world communism. It seems that anti-anti-Semites are too fucking stupid to even read to the end of the paragraph they post on their blacklists when they call out conspiracy theorists; 展hen the Soviet Union got the H-bomb they planted it in critical regions of the Free World and subsequently rebelled, joining the Rebel Alliance. WTF they call me a holocaust denier even though I just called them investigators and posted a link where you can get the scoop.

Ok now I kinda have to be a holocaust denier. I have investigated for a list of everybody that died in the holocaust which the Nazis certainly made or the Allies after them. It does not exist. If there was a list with 6 million dead Jews and others considered undesirable all it would take is simply looking up random names on the list and calling their relatives and seeing if their loved ones existed before the concentration camps and are now dead. It would put to rest every truly investigative holocaust denier. Until then I am a holocaust wonderer where the 6 million name list is. The real reason for the Holocaust: To Kill Vampires who are described at the end of this page. But Hitler did go to far and killed people that were around 50 and just got plastic surgery once.

Drugs aren稚 made illegal to protect us, they池e illegal so that it can be cheaply produced by near slave labor outside our borders to be shipped in by Jewlluminati runners working in conjunction with critical elements within our own governments at astronomical profits. Basically since the CIA and equivalent organizations are shipping it in whenever an FBI undercover agent finds the runner or a snitch who points a finger to his/her CIA supplier a FBI head honcho will say something like 展e池e getting for more important charges like murder. Stay off this lead. or 展e池e trying to nail their grower and manufacturer in conjunction with other governments. Back off this case. That allows the CIA to make the sweetest part of the profit dealing kilos of drugs to distributors for medium and small time dealers all of whom can get caught and arrested which only drives prices higher. Alcohol is legal so that we don稚 think as much, tobacco so that we die quicker lessening the strain on our ecosystem and fossil fuel resources. Don稚 ask me why they haven稚 cracked down hard on ethnobotanicals like Ayahuasca.

The drug money the CIA collects is usually what the CIA has to spend on maintaining assets in the field although some money may be saved or drawn from other sources. Assets are generally people or spies if you will who prop up the worldwide hegemony through their power, through fear of assignation, torture, public humiliation, or anything else, capabilities to from a coup whether through militia/guerilla or bloodless, or a variety of other means.

Southern Vietnam was an example of a propped up government supported by drug money. The Soviets lacking a free market economy had no viable currency to sustain drug profits and were unable to financially support more than 1 conquest to bring a new country under the Iron Curtain. Seeing this weakness the astute NATO commanders decided to make a stand against the Soviet takeovers seeing that they were like a domino rally; that 1 country would fall right after another. John Fitzgerald Kennedy would have stopped the war so the gunmen in the grassy knoll took him out. He also was trying to abolish The Federal Reserve which is the private body responsible for managing our currency for their own profit and printing money from nowhere and gave a very damning speech about the wide spread influence of secret societies in the United States of America and abroad. Even though the war seemed like a failure especially to the American moral it was not when one considers the amount of resources the Soviet Union poured into the conflict. The next target was Afghanistan. America could not afford to send troops to prop up the government there so we supported the Afghan rebels some of whom are under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden. This time the tides are turned and the Jewlluminati have the support of the people and the Soviets are losing soldiers. The Soviets are so depleted by the utter defeat both morally(especially in the eyes of the shadow governments whom now observe the Soviet Union not as a burgeoning domino toppling power but a stagnant has been power), financially, and militarily in Afghanistan that the primary cluster of the Soviet block collapses.

At first the Soviet Union led by the Babylonian Rebel Alliance could not even drop the Iron Curtain over their countries of kin because they were attempting to create atheist communist states. But after the beginning of the detente and just before the fall of the Soviet Union the Rebel Alliance was successful in creating Islamist States where they transferred their nuclear command codes to, perpetuating the cold war into the 3rd millennia after the birth of Christ.

In 1984 conspiracy theorists were swelling. When they attempted an all out information spreading campaign with phones, faxes, and teletype machines, they were all exterminated with the prophesy told by their slayers being: "Your reincarnations will rise to cause the revolution!" I killed myself around that time as well. The revolutionaries were all born after their slayings for their freedom of speech and press violations. Now we of 1985 lead the new and to be successful revolution.

Do I even have to mention the fact that the Jewlluminati control your T.V. through the regulatory agencies and censors if not the corporations themselves. For some reason tits are censored while torture is advocated on 24.

The Internet is free aside from MAD or SANE/SAD/RAD treaty parameters. That means it is extremely easy to data sow all over it. So everything that surrounds things that are obviously true are often false and things that sound ridiculous like reptilian Aliens ruling the world are surrounded by truth. Anything that talks about the Illuminati conspiracy also mentions Adam Weishaupt to mislead somebody away from Zion. Things that talk about the collapse of the world trade center also talks about smoke from cold fires being black which is bullshit cause all smoke is black. Some of it’s just stupidity, some of it data sowing, but most of it is the byproduct of data sowing by the semi-stupid.

Terrorism, well that is obviously used to justify wars to take the last region of the world that isn't dominated by the Jewlluminati, the Middle East and North Korea, the only places in the world where the T.V. has some element of truth about Jews and 911 along with the suicidal mania. Oh and don’t forget the infringement of our freedoms. Patriots are terrorists fighting foreign invaders not people monitoring your houses through the patriot act. But to stop real terrorism a complete monitoring program is necessary.

If you don’t know about 911 explain these squibs. Is air pressure really going to concentrate on 1 point to blow a hole through a single window, or would it spread out throughout a floor and just blow some papers around. Why after years of planning did Osama Bin Laden allegedly decide to attack America on the 1 date that ingrained in everybody痴 mind the 1 phone number that they had to call in any occurrence relating to any emergency, instantaneous contact with any government agency relating to any sort of criminal activity, and most importantly any sort of terrorism like what he would in the future plan, 9/11.

See: WTC collapse analysis View 9/11/04 NYC Talk on Collapse Forensics

Of course to be fair the Rebel Alliance kill their people way more often than we do by slaughtering the Arabs through Israel by the MAD and now the SANE/SAD/RAD treaty. Their objective is to soil the very thought of Jews.

Oh by the way the United States' elections are rigged.

See astronomically improbable voting anomalies: Exit Poll Discrepancy

So in conclusion the Jewlluminati own this planet, and Baron Von Rothschild runs it like a business. The Jewlluminati now control over 1/4 of the world market’s corporate stock, and have trillions squirreled away. Their control over your mind through your education, through your media, through your society and through mind control is so great that you probably think this is a bunch of bullshit. If that is what you think then Baron Von Rothschild owns you.

He does however maintain relative safety though all throughout the world by maintaining relative unilateral hegemony where there would otherwise be brinkmanship by rival factions to draw funds from other factions or else they would devastated the other ones by nuclear arms planted in the others territory. Causing a nuclear retaliation would quickly cause rival factions to strike forth in all out war. If unilateral hegemony and detente are not maintained at least hundreds of millions will die, billions, or most probably everybody on the surface and in the crust of the Earth. But the Jews in space will be spared and with their nanotechnology they will rebuild our entire civilization.

Much of this information comes directly from a phone conversation I had with Sarah Goldstein, and John Goldstein. She did not give me enough time to write it down, so I am going on memory and using the Internet to fill in gaps and give dates. She told me I was the Primary Actuator and that I was the Supreme Nuclear Terrorist.



Vampires, Before The Fountain of Youth: The Philosopher's Stone

Vampires have lived throughout history. Genetic Recombination is the following: Intercellular Transporters take newly produced extra genes from new flesh and deliver them to the nuclei of the old flesh. Vampires use genetic recombination to stay young forever but they don't just drink blood(eating nose and eye bugers, scabs after healing is complete, semen{for women}, and pussy juice{for both men and women} also helps prevent aging).

To repair amputated limbs cut multiple relatively thin half centimeter layers of flesh around the appendage and sodder flesh together with metal, after fire was put, in layers after putting 5 minute harden 2 part epoxy glue NOT CEMENT the red double syringed one. Glue must first be applied in small excess with both epoxy elements totally mixed and set the bone back together to be held and pressured slightly permanently then wipe the excess glue from the bone. Hold in place while glue hardens unless no anesthesia is used in which case begin soddering layers immediately. After 8 minutes Sodder layers in crosswise patterns. Sodder skin together afterwards. Cool and Cast for 6-9 months. Ground bone mixed with epoxy glue will act like bone after 6-9 months of casting just make sure to leave a hole in the cast for the bone marrow. Normally bone fragments must be placed in like a puzzle mixed with epoxy glue and defiantly not glue which is based on vapor evaporating or else amputation repair could fail and must be tried again with the proper glue. Eyes can be put back in by washing them off in your mouth and putting them back in. Eye chip amputations can be fixed with the exxxxact same sized chip from another eye put in with a tiny bit of epoxy glue at the site and wiped off and the eyes held closed while it hardens.

If a person changes their skin when they are 40 they will look 20, the more they change their skin the younger they stay on the inside due to genetic recombination. A vampire sort of has to change out all of their internal organs(except their heart) and skin when they are 100 even if they drink blood. After the first organ change out traditionally the Vampire would move and change their name to become a Count if they were so entitled. After that they will go from 20 to 40 in 10 years. They will have to be a Count(same politically as a lord) to not be killed by the Vampire Conclave on their 200th birthday. After a 100 years of that and 2-3 organ change outs vampires will go from 20 to 40 in 6 years. After another 100 years and 3-4 organ changes outs a vampire will go from 20 to 40 in 3 years. After another 100 years of skin changing and 5-6 organ change outs a vampire will go from 20 - 40 in 1.5 years. When a vampire is 400 he will have to change out their heart, and must be allowed by the Vampire Conclave to become a Duke to not be killed by the Vampire Conclave. A duke must get their skin changed out every year unless he is to look withered, and must get an organ change out around every 10. If you make it to 1000 you have to be declared to be a Baron by the Vampire Conclave to live. At that point you probably would try and access an antiaging Stim or go to the great pyramid to get new youth, but Barons can still live on they just get skin changeouts many times a year. Vampires do normal antiaging plastic surgery as well by cutting away wrinkles, pulling the skin of the face and reseutering the skin but this will only buy time, and their skin will get thin and weary over time. An Earl is worthy to be either a Duke or a Baron. Vampires also use fleshy tinctures and skin rubs like circumcised foreskins.

Vampires have different levels of ability to resist aging that is generally tied with the strength of their spirits. When a Vampire gets black lines coming from around their eyes it is a sign that they must either be killed by the vampire conclave or continuously rub glue over their rotting body to become corpses as they would require new skin at almost a continuous basis. Corpses are usually people who want to live to continue their studies or intellectual life regardless of how their sex life diminishes due to the rot so most of them commit suicide by having somebody behead them.

The human body was designed to be both a spiritual vessel, vulnerable, chemically based rather than fusion, but most importantly designed to break down over time and be repaired by Vampirism. It could be healed in an instant if the genetics would recombine with itself and stop mutating but it does not to define our world and our struggle against them once we see past the blinder that go with the yoke. Every part of the body is replaceable to the Vampires but our hospitals do nothing to repair amputations with scalpel, stitch, and UV Laser Seuter. Most of the evil vampires that laid the yoke and poisoned the water supply all worked in the top floors of the World Trade Center, that is why we had to take them down! Most of the good vampires that worked there didn't show up for work because they heard word of prior warning, most of the bad ones decided there was going to be threats forever just to keep them for work, and most people who worked in the floors below where the plane was purposefully aimed to collide evacuated.

A Werewolf is somebody with a split personality complex generally caused by a left brain right brain division. Werewolves have a daywalker personality which is their normal everyday personality and a nightwalker which is their secret operations personality. A werewolf acts like a normal person as their daywalker but as the night walker they perform great feats of accomplishments for their faction. In Vampire Fairy Tales a princess who is a Shewolf would wake up from her sleep and wander outside her castle where a Werewolf was stalking. The Werewolf would fuck her/rape her. Generally this would happen more on the full moon creating the myth that werewolves only go out on the full moon. After the sex they would part and they would do this until the Werewolf finally climbed up the rectangular lattice to her bedroom where they would be married by Vampire Law. They would recover their memories together and live happily ever after, and not die for hundreds of years because now they are vampires.

Werewolves are generally bifurcated such that the left brain is the nightwalker and the right brain is the daywalker. High level female Monarchs and some high level Male Monarchs have multifurcation and are discussed in the Cyberology page if you contorl-f for Monarch. Both Werewolves and Monarchs can be split naturally or split artificially by occult rituals. Werewolves have a sharp memory block between their daywalker and nightwalker and when 1 is active the other is literally dreaming/sleeping of something related to what the Werewolf is doing. But gradually a werewolf fantasizes about things he does from his dreams or imagination until he starts to hear from people that those things were real.

If the werewolf is in his/her right brain mode there will be incredibly sharp memory but poor analysis If the werewolf is in his/her left brain mode there will be incredibly sharp analysis but poor memory. In this revolution to discredit us and enable superior trust and analysis, a werewolf approaches unification left brain localized memory slowly dissolves and right brain analyses slowly dissolves until at the point of unification the werewolf has extremely poor short term memory or extremely poor analyses while having an abundance of the opposite in the respective sides of the brain. Werewolves have only half their brain active(or less if there are monarch spots on that side of the brain) at any given time so they get high twice as much, or more than twice as much depending on the volume of the monarch spots, off the same quantity of drugs or alcohol.

The brain is divided along the corpus correctum which normally houses the military operative personality which branches off into both left and right sides of the brain. The corpus correctum affects the dreaming of the asleep side of the brain so that the side of the brain that is controlling the body gets its memory/analysis. The corpus correctum causes meditation of the asleep side of the brain though audioizations and visualizations that cause relative discomfort if not remembered or analyzed.

Werewolf caretakers are people who suppress this information by lying to the Werewolf or Shewolf about what he or she is doing so that all their memories come back at once causing them to go back into their nightwalker mode or possibly even create a new split personality in a section of the brain. When werewolves use both parts of the brain by either using extreme amounts of logic or creativity depending on which part of the brain is the current home of their spirit or when werewolves remember to much past the memory block they feel hollow in their head. That is why Werewolves are attracted to abstract art representing the head as something transparent.

Any human can develop a Monarch spot in their brain which can be entered into to perform certain acts. These Monarch Spots can be created even after a Monarch or Werewolf becomes unified. Once the act is complete the personality must become unified with the rest of the brain.

The best cure for this kind of mind control is having sex and love from their soulmates and to sloooowly remember so they don't become overwhelmed! So remember to be a good werewolf caretaker you have to get them sex and tell them it is all or mostly not true, unless of course it is time for them to remember signified by them telling you immediately that they are ready to remember.

In People Who Are Lords And Up There Is Usually A Permanent Monarch Spot Called An Executive Alternate Personality Which Can Make The Whole Brain Forget Something In Order To Keep A Certain Poker Face Or Prevent Some Beans From Being Spilled Or Just Discover Things Over And Over Again To Develop One's Ghost And Spirit. An Executive Alternate Personality Is Extremely Important In Deciding When Someone Discovering Things Over And Over Again Acts Quickly To Say Things That That Person's Brain Thinks Is Absurd, And Can Make People Perform Acts In Defense Which Otherwise They Wouldn't Do Enabling Executives To Even Justifiably Homicide People Proven To Be Evil And Violent To Be Eliminated Even When The Executive Thinks Things Are All Good For A Long Discussion But The Person Attempting To Murder The Executive Is Effectively Proven To Be An Assassin Whether Roach Or Beatle Because Of More Than Effective Proof Considering That An Executive Alternate Personality Generally Takes Up Between 1/10 To 1/5 Of The Lord And Ups Brain And Is Required To Prove Definite Acertation And Will Be Able To Prove So In Court Even If The Main Personality Forgot All About It And Has Not Even PRMRDCed The Event At All.

Zion got reborn as the resistance that all died in 1985 then had some experience of hell in life to compensate as penance for what they started in some combination of personalities when reborn to lead the resistance now. Those in Long Island are just strong vampires that live in the houses and are completely insignificant in this planet’s ruler ship. Killing them won’t even work since they have healpacks and they will press charges if you read this because we do punish the stupid and nonignorant. So you could very well have been a vampire responsible for the poisoning of the water supply.



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